Mount Anville Sacred Heart Education Trust is the patron and trustee of the Mount Anville Montessori Junior School and the Mount Anville Secondary School. The schools are located on Mount Anville campus, Dublin 14.

    The Society of the Sacred Heart passed the trusteeship of the schools on Mount Anville campus to the Trust in 2007. For more than 150 years, the Society of the Sacred Heart faithfully held the trusteeship of the Mount Anville schools, and endeavoured to ensure that these schools provided an education that developed each pupil fully, and that this formation was achieved through a process permeated by the Christian faith. This was the heritage that was passed on by the founder of the Society, Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat.

    The Trustees continue to function out of the ethos and inspiration of Saint Madeleine Sophie in the provision of Sacred Heart Education on the Mount Anville campus.

    The main responsibility of the Trustees is to ensure that the ethos and educational philosophy of the Society of the Sacred Heart are transmitted to future generations.


    The Society of the Sacred Heart was founded by Saint Madeleine Sophie on the 21st of November 1800.

    The first school of the Society was opened in Amiens in France in 1801. Since then Sacred Heart Schools have spread to the five continents and to more than forty countries. rscjinternational.org

    Sacred Heart Education seeks to educate the whole person as a responsible member of society, confident of personal worth and actively living out Christ's call to know and share His love.

    The schools are a Catholic institution within the ecumenical tradition of the Church. They promote, among the pupils, an awareness of other traditions as well as their own.

    As a pioneer in educational thinking, Saint Madeleine Sophie insisted on the vigorous intellectual formation for women. In spite of 19th century conventions, she believed that the influence of a woman was incalculable, not only in the family, but also in the wider world.

    This philosophy of Sacred Heart Education has stood the test of time and continues in our schools today on the Mount Anville campus. The Trustees, Boards of Management and Sacred Heart Educators aim to uphold the educational ethos and values of Saint Madeleine Sophie.



    The ethos of Sacred Heart Education is expressed in Mount Anville Schools through the Five Goals.

    These Goals were developed by Members of the Society and lay educators in the United States in 1975 in response to the changes in Catholic education following the second Vatican Council. The Goals were adapted for use in the Irish Scottish Province and are actively instilled into the lives of our pupils and schools’ community.

    - A living faith
    - Personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom
    - A deep respect for intellectual values
    - The building of community
    - A social awareness which impels to action

    These Five Goals of faith, personal growth, intellect, community and social awareness have been adapted based on the schools’ experience and are transmitted in the schools on the Mount Anville campus through the work of the Formation to Mission Commission (FTMC) and through our Heritage and Horizon programme.


    Mount Anville Secondary School was founded by The Society of the Sacred Heart in 1853, located originally in Glasnevin; the school was moved to Mount Anville in 1865.

    It is a Catholic, voluntary fee - paying school for girls between ages 12 and 18. Mount Anville Secondary school cherishes, promotes and practises the Gospel values and our eucharistic and Sacramental faith tradition. As young women of faith, our pupils join the adult world with a well developed belief in their abilities and in their responsibility to act as agents of social justice in the local and global community.

    Within a culture of hard work, positive learning experiences, a strong pastoral care system, and a range of facilities to develop pupil gifts and talents in all areas, we strive to enable each pupil to grow to their full potential and live a life that will make a difference to society.

    For further information on Mount Anville Secondary School visit our website at www.mountanville.ie


    The Mount Anville Montessori Junior School is located alongside the Secondary School on the Mount Anville campus and the schools enjoy many shared facilities.

    The Mount Anville Montessori Junior School caters for pupils from the age of 2.1/2 to 12. The School offers a preschool and afterschool service. The Montessori Department caters for pupils from age 2.1/2 to 8 and upholds the education philosophy of Maria Montessori. The pupils then progress through to the Junior Department and avail of a wide and varied range of both curricular and extracurricular activities.

    The school provides a calm, safe and nurturing environment leading to the wholehearted engagement of both pupils and staff. The commitment to the Goals of Sacred Heart Education is shared by all. The school promotes an inclusive community where respect is conciously taught, where diversity is cherished, and where children are instilled with a lifelong love and enjoyment of learning.

    For further information on Mount Anville Montessori Junior School visit our website at www.mountanvillemjs.ie


    Louise English

    Louise English, Treasurer

    Garrett Sherry

    Garrett Sherry

    Anna Gethings

    Anna Gethings, Executive

    John Flavin

    John Flavin

    Maria Mullen

    Maria Mullen, RSCJ, Secretary


    Barbara Cotter

    Barbara Cotter, Chairperson

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    Fáinche Ryan